Meiji Temple

Today I got off work as everyone had to go to training at the medical school, except for me! I headed to Harajuku to visit the Meiji Temple. I toured the gardens which were full of beautiful irises and lilies. When I got to the temple, it was being redone so I just saw a … More Meiji Temple

American Football

One of the other girls got free tickets to the American Football Japan League Pearl Bowl at the Tokyo Dome! It was essentially the Superbowl for Japan. It was funny to see the Japanese interpretation of American football. It was complete with cheerleaders and mascots. The team we were rooting for IBM Big Blue lost … More American Football

Kyoto Day 2

After a quick bite at the pastry shop, we headed to Nijo Castle. It was built in the early 1600s for the shogunate as the location of the imperial court. It was neat to see all the old paintings that were restored. The tiger paintings were based on tigers from China, as there were none in Japan. … More Kyoto Day 2

Kyoto Day 1

This weekend, we decided to travel to Kyoto. We managed to get discounted Shinkansen (bullet train) tickets, which was a great way to travel! We covered about 460 km in a little more than 2 hours! Our first stop was Nara. Here, there are deer that roam freely around the city.  We fed them crackers … More Kyoto Day 1


We took the train from Tokyo to Kamakura. When we got off, we heard people speaking American English behind us. We turned around and it turns out they are from Greenville, SC (about 45 minutes from Clemson)! The wife was on a business trip and the husband tagged along. We were all excited to meet … More Kamakura