Snowbird in the Summer

Today, I went to Snowbird Ski Resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon. There are many great summer activities that allow for beautiful views of the mountains.

We first went on the alpine coaster! After a relaxing ascent into the woods, you can fly down the coaster at your own speed. So, of course, Dad and I went as fast as we could!37907778_2044767738881149_2323865941823193088_n

We also went on the ski lift and enjoyed the slight breeze as we enjoyed nature. It was neat to try to identify the different ski slopes. At the top was a tunnel through the mountain to the other side. It was so neat to walk through the chilly tunnel filled with old equipment.


My favorite activity was the tram to the top of Hidden Peak which is 11,000 feet tall. As we climbed the mountain at 9m/s, we were able to look out into the valleys which were stunning. Mountain bikers can also take their bikes up the tram and ride down, which was fun to watch. We ate lunch at the restruant at the top of the mountain. Who doesn’t love paninis at 11,000 feet! While we were there, a wedding occurred at the top and we are definitely in the back of all their photos. Oops!

37897892_2044767255547864_5127151114071834624_n (1).jpg

Overall, Snowbird is a great place to visit in the summer! There are plenty of activities that will keep everyone happy. I hope I get to go again soon!


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  1. Amy says:

    Beautiful photos – I’ll go there with you!!


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