Umi no Hi

Today was Umi no Hi, or Marine Day, or Sea Day in Japan. To celebrate, we attended the Lantern Festival in Odaiba. In the beach park on this island connected to Tokyo, hundreds of paper lanterns covered the sand. It was a beautiful scene, marking the beginning of summer. I loved looking at the bridge … More Umi no Hi

Oedo Onsen

Today I went to the Oedo onsen! When I got there, I took off my shoes and got my Yukata, basically a summer kimono. After changing, I headed to the baths. Their speciality was the salt baths which were very calming. My favorite was the open air outside one. Next, I changed back into the … More Oedo Onsen

Last Day of Research

Today was my last day of work! I presented my project titled, “Effect of Cancer Derived Exosomes on GLUT1 Expression in Macrophages.” Afterwards, we headed to a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Plates of sushi rotated on the upper belt and you could order custom orders that were delivered to you on the bottom belt. It … More Last Day of Research

Mt. Fujisan

What a weekend it was! We started out at around 4:30 pm and hiked up to the eighth station. It got dark on my way up and I had to turn on my headlamp but I kept going! I even saw fireworks down below which was really neat! I got to the mountain house around … More Mt. Fujisan

Izu Peninsula

After a day in the mountains, we headed to the coast! We explored an inactive volcano in Ito called Mount Omuro. We took a chairlift up to the top. You could see the ocean and Mount Fuji from the top! There was archery in the crater, and I got a bull’s eye! After, we headed … More Izu Peninsula


Today we headed to Nikko, a World Heritage Site. Nikko is a town that is in the mountains of Japan. The first thing we did was go to Shinkyo Bridge, a bridge built in 1636. It was really neat to walk across it and see the roaring river below. We then went to a few temples. … More Nikko